Key Insights: Māori

Embedding te ao Māori in the criminal justice systemRespondents emphasise the need to embed a Māori worldview across the criminal justice system.

Key Insights: Victims

Improving the status of victims in the criminal justice systemResponses emphasise the need to improve the status of victims in the criminal justice system.

Faith-based Interventions

There is conflicting evidence about whether faith-based interventions can reduce crime. There is some evidence that faith-based interventions can improve the behaviour of prisoners.

Justice Sector Population Report

This report is based on a projection model, which provides an overview of the amount of future crime that is likely to be committed by distinct groups in the New Zealand population.

Transitional Housing

Transitional Housing involves providing short-term housing for people who are homeless, who may have particular needs, and often also transitioning back into the community (e. g. from a prison or mental health facility).